Set sail for a few days of vacation in the Mediterranean Sea

The beaches along the Mediterranean Sea are glamorous. This region is always popular on yacht itineraries, some of the region’s beaches are still undiscovered by the tourists. Taking a vacation will always be amazing especially if your destination is paradisiac. The Mediterranean Sea has many awesome places and some of the islands are popular for the crystal clear sea, a summer vibe, fascinating landscape and seascape, beautiful bays and vibrant colors. To help you to choose your destination while yachting or boating, here are five best destinations in the Mediterranean Sea that you ought to visit.

Appreciate the luxury environment in French Riviera

If you are planning on traveling to the Mediterranean Sea, French Riviera is a perfect destination. Located in the East of the Cote d’Azur, between the epic mountains of the Mercantour National Park and the Mediterranean Sea, French Riviera is the charm of this region. This coastline shows the natural beauty and luxury atmosphere. There are many exciting cities and beautiful beaches with gorgeous coastal towns. Among them is Cannes which is the luxury and glamor town. This latter is famous for the Cannes film festival. Luxury yacht rental Cannes is a great idea to enjoy the sandy beach view and Cannes city, especially during this film festival. The climate there is always mild all year with beach summer.

Discover the old traditions of Sardinians in Italy

After Silicy, Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. This jewel is located in the south of French island of Corsica and western Mediterranean. If you enjoy a trip over an emerald sea along beaches of white sand, enjoy sailing in Sardinia. Among the reasons to make this island touristic is the wild and the pure nature. The lights and colors of a region with old traditions is another reason to make this region atypical. Discover the history of Costa Smeralda and its culture by admiring the colorful nightlife. The old port is also considered to be the most touristic port in the Mediterranean Sea. Relish also the local specialties there. Sardinian cuisine always means a celebration of traditional foods and tastes. For instance, spit-roasted suckling pig is among the well-reputed dishes there. Likewise, the Malloreddus which is the first kind of pasta that comes to mind when talking about Sardinian cuisine.

Enjoy the pristine beaches in Majorca in Spain

The pearl Majorca or Mallorca is the largest island in the Balearic Islands archipelago. It is one of the most popular Spanish islands and attracts many tourists every year. Well-known for the nightlife activities and the pristine beaches, this pearl has stayed the best vacation destination since 19th Century. There are many resorts that you are able to choose. If you love beach resort especially nightlife parties, you won’t deceive when visiting Mallorca. You shouldn’t worry if you are not very keen on parties because the bay of Alcudia is great for those who enjoy swimming. The white sandy beaches with clear water make Alcudia attractive as well. Therefore, take a relaxation moment with your family or your friends with a mix of restaurants and bars there. One thing is sure, the lack of activities will be impossible when you spend vacations in Majorca.

Admire the impressive sunset in Navagio beach in Zakynthos Greece

Watching the sunset at sea horizon is always a memorable moment. Not only for eyes pleasure but it does also enrich your life beyond the moment. Generally, people who feel connected with nature feel happier and have more positive emotions. Moreover, Navagio is probably the most spectacular beach in this planet. You can enjoy the different activities such as swimming, hiking, scuba-diving, surfing and more. If you are looking for life memory holiday, this place is a splendid choice. Aside from these, discover also the famous Blue Caves which are attractive for the color of the water. The fascinating seascape has been created by the series of geological formations. Therefore, spend an extraordinary adventure by discovering the natural arches in Zakynthos. Actually, there are Blue Caves at three locations around the island and all of them are amazing including Porto Vromi, Keri and at Cape Skinari on the northern tip of the island. This latter is the most spectacular and loved by the tourists.

Discover the dramatic landscape in Corsica, France

Corsica attracts many tourists because of many reasons. Among these reasons are the splendid coastline, the mild climate, the mountainous landscape, the gastronomy cuisines, the historic architecture and more else. This France’s Isle of beauty is an ideal destination for different ages of people. Additionally, Corsica is also popular to be among the best beaches in the world. You can relax and take a sunbath on the beach while admiring the seaside. Another reason to make Corsica among the best destination in the Mediterranean Sea is the vacation resorts that are waiting for you. Luxury yacht rental Corsica promises lifetime memories to the visitors. There are places to visit in Corsica and you can discover the large coastline by yachting.

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