From hiking to sunbathing and even surfing : Things to do in Biarritz

On the way from France to Spain, we pass through part of the commune of Biarritz. This area of ​​passage between the two borders is also an ideal territory for holidays whatever the season. Indeed, this land has a continental part rich in landscape decorated with woods, fields, valleys, beautiful cities and beautiful villages and a coastal area rich in exceptional panorama where you find city beaches, Secluded beaches between cliffs, capes, bays and coves.

What to do during the holidays in Biarritz?

In this commune, it is not the activities that are missing. There are always a few things to do and you always know how to kill time. So the question what to do biarritz does not even have a place in the vocabularies to use. Rather, we must ask ourselves when to do what? Since we will surely miss time if we want to do everything in Biarritz.

A typical day in Biarritz can start with a classic breakfast in one of its prestigious hotels. You can then go to a surf club and find boards for hire. At noon, you can choose from several seaside restaurants to taste the local specialties. After the nap, you can attack the big waves and surf.

To finish the day, you only have to book a few hours of massage in a wellness area of ​​the corner.

The other activities

When you want to get away from the cities and their noises, you can take the road and set out to discover the country areas.

Biarritz has many villages where you can admire fields and forests, rivers and lakes. These fresh waters also make it possible to do several activities such as canoeing, kayaking, rafting or fishing.

It is also possible to ride on horse back or take a bicycle or why not rent a quad bike and go hiking in the woods surrounding the villages.

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