Travel around the coast of Greece by boat

Go on a boat, it is also doing an activity 2 in 1, including travel and discovery, since you will not remain static. During your cruise, you go every day to discover new destinations. Thus, in addition to have fun when browsing, you're going to beautiful places.

Go and explore Greece

Explore the ruins of an ancient civilization archaeological site in Greece and drink coffee at the corner for much admire the beautiful landscape of this place. Two weeks in Greece are quite adequate to the islands to the coast of Greece. Usually, we stay in Athens and take a tour of the town in backpacks, for this other route, go to sea water and see the zodiac signs that built the pillars to protect the city of Athena. Go to party in Mykonos, a paradise, relax on the beautiful beaches of Crete or contemplate the picturesque white houses in Santorini. This is a circuit boat rentals greece you can do with your family on a sailboat. Traveling from island to island to discover the beauty breathtaking Aegean Sea. So, all in all, the two days are not enough for around 6,000 islands of Greece.

A good sea voyage plan

Setting Out Athens, Paros, Santorini and Rhodes, and take a good whiff of cultural and historical discoveries. Then stop in town and visit the temple of Olympian Zeus, the historic Plaka, Syntagma Square and of course the Acropolis and Parthenon. Think also visit the Acropolis Museum for a day. The island of Paros is part of the Cyclades, the most popular islands of consolidation in Greece. It makes it easy for Athens in 4 hours by boat. We went to Paros to enjoy the beautiful beaches, small villages and the beautiful harbor. The island can also be visited opposite.

It is no exaggeration to say that Greece is the cradle of Western civilization, as politics, philosophy, history, art, medicine, commerce and sports are from that country.

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