The beautiful shores of Croatia

The land along the edge of the sea is usually very pleasant. After visit this shore you will always like to come back. Talking of shores, Croatia possessed beautiful shoe by it seas which are worth visiting. The countries geography is bounded by seas and thus shores to visit can’t lack.

Seashores in Croatia

Zlatni Rat

A slivery tongue of sand extended into a turquoise sea. Zlatni Rat is much more the reproduction boy of the Dalmatian beaches. The rocky peninsular remain a charming destination, even with the crowds. It has clear shallow seas and fascinating naval views.

Lovrencina bay

It is a bay containing a sandy beach and also an archeological site. It has a grimy shore bordered with glowing water. It is one the several seashores on the island that honorably provide what you read about on flyers.


It is sited 15KM from Zadar and covers a brace of beach bar and mountains across the river. There is an active natural treatment for shore joints and muscles. You have the idea of a long sandy stretched towards the horizon, and then you actually need to make a trip to Nin.

Spiaza, susak

The island’s main beach , Spiaza , is a majestic moon-grey crescent stretching out from Susak village.the bay is very shallow so to find a sea deep enough to swim in you need to wade for almost half kilometers . It is considerably less crowded because of the rocky cliff to get there.

Omis beach

Omis beach owes its spineless sand to the cetina river, which fills the rocky shoreline with sand each year. It is found in the seaside town on the interval of coastline known as the Omis Rivera. The beach is sprinkled with long tamarisk trees which stretches its natural aspect.

Banje beach

It is located in the extreme south coast of Croatia. It is one of the country’s top targets because of the city’s Old town district. The shingle beach is bordered by some of Dubrovnik’s finest hotels. It is the best place to appreciate water game like jet skiing and paragliding too.

Makarska shore

It is the town’s main seashore curves along a path sheltered by palm trees and surrounded by attractive cafés and restaurants. The town of Makarska structures a comfortable bay rimmed with pebbled beaches. The family-centered beach sorts by peddle-boat and jet-ski rents for adventurous activities on the glittering blue sea.

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