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Spend your time in Italy on a yacht under the sun

Italy is a country that takes a little behind everyone, it is to France, Switzerland, but also in Austria. So, visit this country through the water.

Italy and its starting points

You have several options to cruise to Italy by the northern Adriatic and the south, and southern Italy, Liguria, Ionian Sea, Region of Rome, Venice region, the Sardaine, Sicily and Islands Aeolian and finally Tuscany and Elba. Take the time to visit this fascinating country on board a pleasure boat is, therefore, a great experience, especially since the country has some of the most compelling islands on the planet. We can choose four routes for a label of yacht rentals italy with 7 days on board.

Let's take off with this option

The first day, you have the Thyronine coast and the Marina Nettuno under the animations of the village and the big seaside resort of the area. The second day will Tarracina and visit its cities Campaign and the kilometers of beaches. Porticciolo is not far away, with its beautiful rocky and well protected dock. Then the Darsena and also long protected harbor and a beautiful city where greenery does not lack. Nuovo port is protected by two piers bent, pier to "S" and a breakwater E, are within a few pontoons. We pass on Ischia and sharing good times to the hot springs of the Gulf Islands of Naples. The island of Procida is not far from Ischia, the channel that separates. We go to Gaeta is a town in the province of Latina in Lazio in Italy and it is a city that covers stories. The sixth day was in Porto Badino which has two docks of 300 m in length fully equipped to allow the reception of yachts. And then we were back to Marina Nettuno for the last day.

Italy is a destination for an escape unequivocally with scenery breathtaking to each port.

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