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Just to avoid these inconveniences and to quickly solve all the difficulties, special trolleys for the transport of PVC boats have been invented.

How to rent a boat at will?

By using the search engine, you can choose here the yacht model you like and that suits you. Yachts are based in the most popular Croatian marinas, Trogir, Split, Dubrovnik. If you do not find the yacht you are interested in, contact the company's office directly at and we will try to find the right model.

Which yacht would be the best choice?

Most boaters and our customers already know in advance which model they prefer. For families, we often recommend the yachts or catamarans Beneteau Oceanis. For regattas and sportsmen, Beneteau First yachts are generally recommended. They can be rented individually or as part of a fleet of one-design yachts.

What is the cost of renting a sailboat?

The cost of renting a yacht on depends on several important factors. Motor yachts are generally much more expensive than sailboats. The bigger the yacht and the more people there are, the higher the rental price. The price also depends on the year of manufacture of the yacht and, therefore, the new models are more expensive. Our oldest classic models belong to the economy class and represent an excellent combination of price and quality. Therefore, it is the best choice for those who want to relax on a limited budget. Catamarans are the most expensive because of their size and increased comfort. The price also affects the term of the lease. Most clients rent a yacht for one or two weeks. When you book a yacht before the end of January, you can get an additional discount for early bookings.

By renting on a last-minute basis, you can get a good discount, but in this case, the chances of choosing the desired model in your favorite marina are minimal.

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