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Fancy an unusual holiday in Auvergne? Try your hand at glamping with Cosycamp!

Auvergne is one of the French regions with breathtaking landscapes, authentic culture and remarkably interesting history. For holidays with family, lovers or friends, it seems a suitable destination. Regarding your stay, the cosycamp welcomes you in a friendly and prodigious atmosphere for your glamping holidays France, forming a harmony between luxury and wild nature.

View of the campsite

Glamping is first and foremost a word that brings together glamor and camping. The cosycamp, an unusual accommodation, offers authentic rentals made of canvas and untreated wood. These give an original and natural side while keeping a perfect aesthetic and harmony. You benefit from a new, prestigious infrastructure in a calm and warm environment. For a more luxurious stay, accommodation suitable for the whole family is available: a Lodge tent for five people with two beds, a caravan with two double beds and a hut with two layers also for five individuals. For a traditional night that is simply easy, opt for the cottage. You will easily adapt to this property as the staff are decent, welcoming and professional.

The advantages of cosycamp

This typical property offers you high quality services and equipment to ensure an unforgettable stay. It has a large reception room for young and old where you can relax, read, chat with neighbors or family members and connect to the free WiFi network. For one-to-one moments or for sharing over a drink, the on-site bar and restaurant offer organic and seasonal dishes, simmered with fresh local products. It is bordered by a large heated swimming pool and to think about your well-being it provides an internal pool with a whirlpool bath and a massage session. It offers free canoes and bicycles for each resident.

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